Seasonal & Limited

Seasonal Beers

Watermelon Wheat

A clean wheat beer base with a truckload of freshly pressed watermelon juice added post fermentation. A light coloured, refreshing beer with complementary hits of watermelon aroma and flavour. 4.4% ABV.

Peanut Butter Porter

Those familiar with the classic peanut butter cup will soon pick out those flavours present in this silky-smooth porter. It naturally combines the sweetness of chocolate and peanut butter with hints of vanilla, caramel and biscuit. Alcoholic, liquid confectionary anyone? 5.2% ABV.


A big, full-bodied stout, with some complex burnt and malty flavours. Hints of coffee and dark roasted cocoa. Hopped with Warrior and Centennial. 8.5% ABV


We took our popular Rye IPA and scaled it up just a tad... This beast is rich and complex, packing some spicy punch from the rye and carrying big aroma through from generous double dry-hopped doses of Mosaic, Citra and Simcoe hops. ABV 8.5%


Brekkie Juice

Did someone order a tropical fruit juice sensation with a stupidly high chance of fluffy clouds? Juiciness and haze for days. Low bitterness, smooth as silk, and juicy as. Come at me you good thing! 6% ABV


50/50 is a hazy delight. This beer screams coconut and mango, derived from copious amounts of Mosaic and Sabro hops. So approachable. So delicious! 6.8% ABV

Zipa's Gold

A juicy and hazy IPA bursting with tropical flavour and aroma from El Dorado and Strata hops. No mythical tribal chief here - just liquid gold! 6% ABV

Limited Release

Pineapple Punch

So we brewed an fruit imperial IPA with a bunch of fresh pineapple juice thrown in for fun! It has delivered a big, boozy, somewhat bitter and sweet tasting beer. Initial sweetness from the pineapple is quickly followed by a lingering bitterness from an abundance of hops. This fruit IIPA plays all sorts of trickery on one's sensory palette, and we hope you enjoy the ride! 8% ABV

Bloody Helles

A clean and malty German-style lager. Smooth grainy-sweet malt flavour and a soft finish. Infused with blood oranges, adding distinctive colour and aroma. A nice balance of sweetness with just enough tartness. 5.2% ABV

Creaming Soda

Our beeried-up play on an Aussie favorite. A smooth-as-silk cream ale with vanilla bringing back those fond memories of ‘fun refreshment for any occasion’. Yes, this is actually beer! ABV 4.5%


A big, bold, bitter old-school IPA using 4 big C’s… Centennial, Columbus, Cascade and Chinook. This bad boy is fully loaded and fully satisfies! 7% ABV

Puck'n Peaches

A kettle-soured Berliner Weiss featuring freshly harvested Galaxy hops. Sour and refreshing with low hop bitterness. Peaches cut up, pressed, and the juice then added post-fermentation for some complimentary aroma and flavour. 4.2% ABV

Puck'n Clouds

A hazy, Ella fresh-hopped, kettle sour. Residual sweetness rounding things out nicely, with flavours accentuated through a relatively light body and unusual yeast blend. It all comes together to make this a fruity and stupidly refreshing beverage. 4.5% ABV

Puck'n Fresh Hop

Another fresh hop sour this year from T-Bone, using Galaxy and Enigma hops straight off the bine and into the brew within 24 hours. We have upped the hops and the haze, pushing this one somewhat out of style…The result? Stupidly refreshing soured goodness! 4.5% ABV

Tropical Sour

Daydreaming of a hot summer’s day sat on a tropical beach? You’ll obviously need something stupidly refreshing… Well this slightly tart watermelon sour, with oodles of strawberry, pineapple, and passionfruit might just suffice! ABV 3%